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Who We Are

U.S. Sterling Securities is a registered FINRA Broker-Dealer specializing in fixed income products and solutions. We provide institutional and retail investors with access to fully insured U.S. Government securities and FDIC insured Brokered Certificates of Deposit (CDs) as well as high grade fixed income investments. We also provide our institutional clients with funding solutions such as large block Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible Brokered CD underwriting.

Getting to Know You

As your strategic partner, we want to get to know you and your organization well enough to understand your funding and investing needs, and to know when to step up with insights, suggestions and new ideas. We have one goal in mind – to be an invaluable partner to our clients.

Here at U.S. Sterling we combine our deep knowledge of the fixed income markets with our client oriented focus to deliver integrated strategies for clients looking to maximize returns and minimize exposure. Our expertise lies in uncovering market opportunities on a client by client basis that might otherwise be overlooked elsewhere.

It is our attention to detail and commitment to a service oriented approach that sets us apart. It is our extensive network of institutions nationwide that enables us to deliver product-based solutions that work for you. Its what allows us to help you reach your goals in an ever changing financial environment.

How to Get Started

Simply call U.S. Sterling Securities today and ask to speak with one of our investing or funding specialists. They will walk you through the set-up process and get you started on the path to achieving your financial goals.1-800-935-9300